M2M: mapKITE to market

After the two-year period of the Horizon2020 project, GeoNumerics is involved in the materialization of mapKITE as a market reality. And this is the aim of the project M2M: mapKITE-to-market.

The goal of M2M is to conduct a market analysis to introduce mapKITE into the market. MapKITE is a new mobile tandem, terrestrial and aerial, geodata acquisition and orientation/calibration system and method that combines an aerial unmanned (drone) and a land mobile mapping system. In a mapKITE mission, the mapping drone follows the mapping land vehicle by means of a stream of waypoints generated in the vehicle and transmitted to the drone. The land vehicle carries metric targets to materialize accurate kinematic ground control points. In the  mission, inertial, GNSS, odometric and imaging data are recorded. In post-processing, these data are combined in a new way for accurate geo-referencing purposes.

M2M is an H2020 project funded by the European Commission, through the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) on the specific call  'SMEInst-04-2016-2017' under the grant agreement number 762692.

Read more about M2M at the CORDIS webpage.



This project has received funding from the European Community's Horizon 2020 Programme under Grant Agreement 762692.